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Newest Testimonials

Some positive feedback has come my way in written form (this doesn’t include the many smiling faces I see on a regular basis when a piano is brought back from the dead):

“Thank you Richard, the pianist was very, very happy with the result.” – Functions at Canon Hall Museum, April 2024

“We have both played the piano this evening, what you have done is amazing, it plays, much, much better than it did. The difference is significant and much improved 🙂 :)” – Graham and Mary, Sheffield June 2024

The first comment refers to a piano tuning on a Steinway grand piano carried out for a live performance at the Museum in Barnsley. The second comment is from regular customers who had their piano’s action refurbished (new leathers, hammer butt felts, bridle tapes and more), which was local to me in the Sheffield area.

Free Cramer Grand Piano available

An acquaintance of mine in Thorpe Hesley (S61 2SQ) is moving house and wants to donate her Cramer Grand Piano to a good home. The serial number is 63464, so dates from 1920. It has a beautiful, mellow tone,  85 keys and measures 139.5 cm W x 145 cm D, or 4’7″ W x 4’9″ D. It’s been in her family since 1975 and has been well-loved.

At present, the piano plays well and is tuneable, but would need a revamp to be up to its very best. The hinges also need to be replaced if one is to play with the lid open.

The piano itself is free, but the buyer must pay for delivery.

For serious enquiries, please contact Deborah on 07510036516 or email

Upright action overhaul prices in 2024 (Sheffield piano tuner)

While the majority of work the Sheffield piano tuner carries out is piano tuning and minor repairs undertaken at the customer’s home, he also offers piano action renovations from his home workshop. With 10 years in the piano trade under his belt, he loves to apply his expertise and knowledge to bring a ratchety old mechanism back to life (one of the most rewarding parts of being a piano tuner). For this reason his prices are competitive compared to most. He will typically arrange 2-3 days for him to pick up the action, safely transport it to his home (in a soft cover) and work 10 hour days typically for 1-2 days. Current action overhauls include but are not limited to:

  • Complete re-pinning of all hammer flange centre pins – £300
  • A replacement of all action leathers with a high-quality synthetic (and animal friendly) alternative, plus the replacement of hammer butt felt – £330 (plus parts in the range of £30)
  • A replacement of all bridle tapes – £150
  • A replacement of all jack springs – £200 (plus parts in the range of £30)
  • A replacement of all loop cords (common issue on Yamaha’s!) – £300
  • A replacement of all damper felt – £300 (plus parts)
  • A replacement of all damper springs – £250 (plus parts in the range of £60)

These issues in particular are the ones that tend to anticipate the breaking of corresponding parts in the future, so if you notice two or three dampers not working it’s better to replace everything at once rather than fixing the broken parts as and when (if you’re willing to spend the money in one go).

When replacing hammers the price can vary dramatically. If the new hammers differ from the originals in length and weight then additional regulation work may be required which can be very time consuming and costly. It’s always situational and something that’s better to discuss in person.

If this information seems difficult to follow, but sounds like something you might be interested in please ask the piano tuner to give you a run down of your piano action. You can see yourself its condition and how everything works, and may notice things that have bothered you in the past.