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Links for piano buyers:

  • The Piano Man in Leeds is one of the best piano shops I’ve visited. Yamaha and Kawai pianos aplenty, which I often recommend customers buy – both brands are extremely reliable and make pianos of a consistently high-quality.
  • If you are searching for a piano in Sheffield, local specialist Allan King owns a Piano and Violin shop (Address: 357 London Road, S2 4NG) and has an extensive selection of high quality instruments:
  • The Rotherham Piano Centre is another place to try. Last time I went in it had a wide selection of pianos varying from Japanese (Yamaha, Kawai, Atlas), Korean (Young Chan), German (Welmar, Bechstein) and some smaller British pianos (Bentley, Zender).
  • Ebay sometimes has some good bargains, but be careful. If you don’t know what to look for please contact me – I charge a £25 call out fee to inspect a piano. Many people will offer you free pianos just to get them out of the house – it’s not worth it unless you’ve played them. You may find yourself with a hefty bill for piano removals when you find out it’s untunable.


Piano Manufacturers:

Steinway & Sons:





Charles R. Walter Pianos:


Stuart & Sons:



Recommended Reading (Piano Repairs and Restoration):


Piano Servicing, Tuning and Rebuilding by Arthur A. Reblitz:


Player Piano Servicing and Rebuilding: A Treatise on How Player Pianos Function and How to Get Them Back into Top Playing Condition if They Don’t Work by Arthur A. Reblitz:


Upright and Grand Piano Repair by Carl-Johan Forss:


Upright and Grand Piano Regulation by Carl-Johan Forss:


Wonders of the Piano: The Anatomy of the Instrument by Catherine C. Bielefeldt:


Theory and Practice of Piano Construction by William B. White:


Pianos: Care and Restoration by Eric Smith:


A Guide to Restringing by John W. Travis: