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Now taking early morning bookings

For home bookings I can now book you in for a piano tuning at 8:30 AM or 9 AM on a week day morning. I have hitherto saved early morning slots for professional venues such as schools, churches, recording studios, but those enquires have sadly declined somewhat over the last sixteen months – particularly schools.

From my experiences piano tuning in Sheffield and beyond, I have found people have wildly different views on booking tradespeople to their homes under current circumstances, but rest assured I am taking the covid-19 precautions very seriously, with frequent testing and following all procedures that keep the customer happy. The customer is always right and your wishes will be respected.

I will rearrange a booking at the slightest sign of any symptoms. I’m vaccinated and very careful to social distance and regularly sanitise work hands, car and piano tuning kit (particularly the piano tuning lever and paps wedges that I regularly handle throughout the day). If you have any concerns, I’d be happy to discuss it with you before you book the piano tuning.


New piano tuning/regulating tools purchases

For customers who have had to have their key bushings replaced, this relatively time-consuming job may be avoided in future, in part thanks to Howard Piano Industries whose website educated me on this matter (In my spare time I still like to read up on the subject of piano tuning and regulation as it’s a hobby as much as a job for me). While browsing various websites I discovered another piano tuner who swears by PTFE powder as a lubricant on key bushings, so I ordered some online from Fletcher & Newman via amazon UK. After a piano tuning in the Sharrow area of Sheffield, I applied some of this powder to the bushings and low and behold, the sticking keys worked perfectly. This powder will be an invaluable part of my piano tuning/regulating tool kit in future. Not only can it fix problems with the key bushings, it can also be used to lubricate the Hammer Butt leather and Wippen felts, other sources excess friction coming from inside the action.

I have also ordered new key bushings, some new bass and treble strings and am now looking at upgrading my piano tuning lever and lever heads. Annoyingly, I couldn’t think of a place in Sheffield that would sell piano strings, so I ordered them online. Even though I’m 26, my parents still insist on buying me a christmas present, so I have asked if they would buy a new, top-quality lever for me.


– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.