Monthly Archives: December 2014

Piano Tuner/ Piano Tuning Youtube channel

I’ve recently signed up to youtube as there seems to be a lack of piano tuning videos on there. I’ll have videos about piano tuning and piano repairs as well as videos of me tuning the piano I have at home in Sheffield (I recently tuned it and it sounds darn nice, but next time it needs tuning I will film the piano tuning myself and share the link on this site). It might be for anyone curious about piano tuning or if you’re a fellow piano tuner outside of sheffield, doncaster, rotherham etc, looking for other methods of piano tuning.



– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield

New Piano Tuning Software

I always liked the idea of tuning a piano the old fashioned way (strictly by ear), but since the new piano tuning devices are so good and promise to make my tuning quicker, I’ve gone and purchased an iPhone application called Tunelab which helps with tuning the first scale. It can tell when a note is 0.1 cent out of tune. Even a well trained ear can usually only hear if an interval is 1 to 2 cents out of tune (piano tuners are obviously more accurate than this when tuning, since we tune mainly by observing the harmonics of each interval, not by assessing the pitch of individual notes), and the average person will recognise when a note is about 5 cents out of tune. These are already popular with piano tuners since their accuracy is now so spot on, but they can’t tune the unisons unfortunately, so there’s still a lot of work left for the piano tuner to do.

– Richard, piano tuner Sheffield.