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Weekly Update 11/08/16

I haven’t abandoned this blog; I keep meaning to add to it, but over the last week or so it’s been the usual run of the mill piano tunings in the local area, so I haven’t had as much to write about.

Last Friday I had a tuning at a recording studio in the other side of Sheffield which was a new experience. The pianist who was recording an EP at the said studio was booked in for 2 PM so I had to work against the clock and finish the piano tuning within 90 minutes. I’ve had a few jobs where I’ve had to work against the clock and found it actually improves concentration and gets a good piano tuning done within a short space of time. However, I always to go over the piano afterwards and check if any strings have gone out of tune again during the piano tuning.

The day after I had two tuning jobs (Saturdays tend to be a popular day for bookings), then a gig at The Lockwood pub in Huddersfield with my progressive rock covers band Harmony of Spheres. This band is gaining momentum in the local area (particularly in Barnsley where the band originally formed) and I’m surprised at how many promoters have booked us in this last month (as much as I enjoy piano tuning & regulation, it’s always nice to be able to earn a bit of extra brass playing guitar in a group). We still practice in mainly in Barnsley but as three of the members are from Sheffield we’re on the look out for more gigs in this city (as well as others around Yorkshire/Derbyshire).


– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.