Introductory offers

  • £60 for a first piano tuning for Sheffield customers.
  • £65 for a first piano tuning for customers outside a 20 mile radius of Sheffield.


Piano Tuning Price

  • £70 for regular Sheffield customers.
  • £75 for regular customers outside a 20 mile radius of Sheffield.

Pitch raising (An optional service for pianos which have gone more than two years without a tuning. It involves tuning the piano twice and takes two to three hours in total)

  • £70 for Sheffield customers.
  • £75 for customers outside a 20 mile radius Sheffield.


Piano Repair Services

  • Call out fee for repairs and regulation £25 per hour (Most repairs can be made during the tuning session – otherwise repair fees start from £25)
  • Call out fee for piano evaluation £25.
  • Piano cleaning £30 . (A full and thorough cleaning of the keys, the mechanism and the case.)
  • Full Keycovering replacement £125 (A complete replacement of every white key covering on the piano with a choice of new plastic, celluloid or imitation-ivory coverings.)

[For enquiries about piano repair services not listed above please contact me by phone: 0754 266 7040]


Cash, cheque or bank transfer accepted.

(Card payment will be available from October 2018).