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Fellow guitarists, I recommend SL guitars

This is unrelated to piano tuning, but if anyone wants a guitar made with utmost dedication and care, I can highly recommend Steve at SL guitars, a skilled luthier who lives in Doncaster. He makes beautiful-looking and sounding guitars made with the finest woods and components. I’ve owned dozens of guitars over the years (Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Suhr, Music Man) and these are up there with the best of them.

Interested parties should give Steve a call: 07956500427

1966 Chappell upright with piano stool (£580)

Here we have a gorgeous 1966 Chappell upright piano up for sale in Totley, Sheffield. It’s going for £580 (including a vintage piano stool that can also be used for storing sheet music). It was tuned to A440 (concert pitch) and serviced by me on 14/07/21. Collection only.

Beautiful warm British tone. The keys (and key bushings), action, wrest plank, bridge, frame, soundboard and strings are all in a condition I would consider exemplary, with the piano being unused for many years and therefore showing only light wear at all points of friction. The notes work as they should and are regulated to their proper specifications (correct key height, key dip, hammer blow distance, set off, checking distance) making it a joy to play. This piano is perfect for someone looking to upgrade.

If interested please contact me on 07542667040 to discuss or drop me an email at


Availability this week (13-03-17)

I have just arrived back at my home in Sheffield after a weekend trip tuning pianos in Whitby and Scarborough. I offer my apologies to anyone who had to wait for a reply to email enquires, unfortunately I do not have internet access while I’m in the area.

All in all it was a very eventful weekend, and while I didn’t get as many piano tuning bookings as I’d hoped, this did allow me to use the time going on long hikes on the cliff path between Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby and back again, getting some much needed exercise and enjoying the first bit of sunny weather in 2017. I found Whitby to be busier than expected, with lots of charity fundraising and people dressed in costumes. I had intended to do some more promotional work while in the area but ran out of cards a few days before setting off (I am still in the slow process of building up a customer base in the region).

Now that I’m back in Sheffield my main focus is on filling up the gaps in diary with new piano tuning jobs. If you are looking for a piano tuner this week, and you are in Sheffield or within a 40 mile radius, I have the follow times left in my diary:

  • Tuesday @ 4 PM
  • Tuesday @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday @ 10 AM
  • Wednesday @ 2 PM
  • Wednesday @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday @ 6 PM
  • Thursday @ 10 AM
  • Thursday @ 12 PM
  • Friday @ 10 AM
  • Sunday @ 4 PM

Later dates are available on request.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.


I am often asked about where to find a piano mover and I have recently been made aware of the website Buzzmove ( which will be useful for people who are in this position. Their brand manager has sent me a short guide offering advice on finding the right piano removal company and I am adding it to this blog as it will be useful to many people. See the guide he has written below:


5 most common piano removal mistakes

Your piano is a sensitive instrument, and can be damaged easily during a house move. Removals comparison site has put together this handy guide on the mistakes to avoid during a piano move to ensure your piano is moved with the minimum of fuss and with far less risk of damage.

1. Not checking if you removal company has the right equipment

You don’t have to choose a specialist piano mover for your move. But you do have to check that your removal company has the right equipment and experience for the job.

When talking to removal companies, ask them if they have the following equipment:


A padded piano bag or thick blankets to wrap around your piano. This keeps the piano safe from scratches and also protects your property from any potential damage from the piano. NOTE: You can do this step yourself, but it’s best not to. If the removal company does it for you, get them to take some photos of the condition of the piano before the move. That way, if there’s any damage during the move, you’ll be more likely to be able to claim for it on their insurance. (If it’s already wrapped up before they get there, you’ll have no chance of making a successful claim if anything does go wrong.)

A heavy-duty wooden piano shoe/slipper. This is a wooden sledge with straps used primarily for easing your piano up and down stairs with less friction. They come in different sizes, from 5ft suitable for uprights to 9ft for grands. Ask if the company has the size you need. If in doubt, a good company will be able to advise you.

A heavy-duty piano skate, dolly or trolley. These come with wheels, primarily for taking the piano out of the house and into the moving van. They come in different forms, from an upright skate to a flat dolly make of thick wood or a metal usually aluminium frame with rubber padding to avoid slipping or damage. The key thing is to ask if it has brakes. This small-seeming detail could make all the difference, for obvious reasons.

2. Not checking your removal company’s insurance

Any nationwide chain or specialist piano remover should have the right insurance for the move, but it’s still worth checking. If using a smaller or non-specialist mover, you must ask. The company needs to have enough goods in transit insurance to cover you for any possible damage.

Inform your removal company of how much your piano is insured for. Many smaller ones will have special arrangements where they can phone their insurers and get more insurance for specific high-value moves. But be sure to ask.

3. Not letting removal companies survey your property

Whether you’re doing a whole house move or just moving the piano, it’s still worth getting removal companies over to take a look. They need to see the size and weight to ensure they bring enough staff, the right size van and the right equipment.

They also need to see if there are any access restrictions or stairs at your property, how close they can park, what size of vehicle they can fit in your road, and so on. All of this will help them give you a more accurate quote and avoid any nasty surprises or extra charges on moving day.

4. Going for the lowest quote without comparing prices

Moving a piano can be expensive. But don’t be tempted to go for a low price before doing your research first! Too low a price should send alarm bells ringing. But how do you know if a low price is too low?

Try to compare at least three different removal companies. That way you’ll get a feel for what you should expect to pay. And, as an extra tip, if you have a range of quotes, you can always talk to the company you feel will give you the best service and ask them if they’ll give you a deal. Most companies are open to this if you ask nicely and that way, youll get great service and a lower price.

5. Not asking for customer referrals

If your piano is particularly valuable or has significant emotional value youre likely to want extra peace of mind. The best way to get this is by asking removal companies for the phone numbers of happy customers. Then you can call them yourself and ask anything you like.

Most good removal companies are happy to provide this. And the little extra time it takes is outweighed by the reassurance you’ll feel that you’re about to choose the right company to take care of your precious piano.




Bassist required for metal band in Sheffield

In the evening, when I’m not piano tuning, I play guitar in two bands: a progressive/art rock band and a traditional heavy metal band. The second band is in need of a bass player, so I’ll use this blog to post an advertisement I’ve posted on other websites (you never know who’s looking):

Bassist required for Sheffield metal band. At its core it’s a traditional, melodic heavy metal band although other styles (progressive rock, thrash, neo-classical & folk to name a few) are sometimes incorporated. Our influences include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, early Metallica, Megadeth, Sabaton, Death/Control Denied, Wintesun, Nevermore, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Queensrÿche and many more. The main requirements are a high level technical skill & a love of the genre. We definitely don’t want typical, inaudible root-note bass playing, we need someone who understands good tone & can create interesting basslines that add something to the music.

We currently practice in Sheffield although we have members from Doncaster, Barnsley and Wakefield. We are currently learning a few covers to play live, but our main priority is to work on original material as a group.
If you might be interested, please contact me:


Mobile: 0754 266 7040


– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.