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A new post from my sister page Piano Tuner Leeds

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Apostle – Reaper

Yes, I have a Piano Tuner Sheffield website and a Piano Tuner Leeds website. It’s difficult to keep on top of both websites sometimes, but as far as booking customers in both areas? So far, so good. There seems to be more work in West Yorkshire, particularly in Leeds and Harrogate where a lack of piano tuners (mainly due to older piano tuners retiring from the trade) has increased demand – so much so that I can group together Leeds piano tuning jobs with Sheffield piano tuning jobs. That’s always nice. Honestly, I quite enjoy the long drives between cities as well as seeing new localities after the piano tuning work. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like work.

The problem with Sheffield is that there are already several Sheffield Piano Tuners currently active so for a city of its size I have fewer clients than you’d expect. Down south there doesn’t seem to be many Chesterfield Piano Tuners, so I get several jobs a week in that area. Rotherham is also a popular area – perhaps I should call myself the Rotherham Piano Tuner instead!

More and more piano tuning work in Hull and Humberside recently, so a third piano tuning website might be on my list shortly!

New prices for the Sheffield Piano Tuner

Due to an influx of new inqueries and a costly new marketing campaign, the Sheffield piano tuner has raised his prices £5. £45 for a piano tuning is still very modest compared to similar services in the UK. Don’t forget that this also includes many repair and regulation jobs that other piano tuner’s will charge extra for. I generally do as much as I can within two hours to make sure your piano sounds and plays the best it can. If the work needed takes more than two hours I charge £25 per hour plus the price of any replacement parts (worn felts and bushings are sometimes replaced during the regulation process). Keeping the customer satisfied is in both our interests – my working hours are flexible and I can always work around your busy schedule.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Why has the Sheffield Piano Tuner been silent for so long?

For the last nine months the Sheffield Piano Tuner has been splitting his time evenly between Sheffield and West Yorkshire in the hopes of gaining more customers in towns such as Wakefield, Halifax, Bradford and Leeds. The hard work I’ve put into promoting my business in those towns has, unfortunately, caused me to neglect this website somewhat (aside from updating my availability page a few times per week), as at least two thirds of my piano tuning enquiries are from people who live far away from Sheffield. I’m still a Sheffield piano tuner though and will be forcing myself to update this website more so I can attract customers in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Chesterfield. There are many people in those towns as well who need a piano tuner – please pass my name on if you anyone; my number is 07542667040 and my email is


For information about The Sheffield Piano Tuner’s new workshop check my sister website. The blog page on that website is updated much more regularly with diary entries.

A Happy 2019 from the Piano Tuner

Happy New Year from the piano tuner! After two piano-free days I’m glad to be tuning again in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and Doncaster. January is usually a slow month for me, so if you’ve been putting off booking a tuning, please get in touch. If you’re thinking of putting it off further, here’s a message from an old Bentley piano:

If your piano requires any replacement parts, I’ll be placing an order with my suppliers (Fletcher & Newman) after the 7th of January when they’ve re-opened. I have a large collection of sundry parts for odd jobs which can be used during a piano tuning session, but if it needs a component of a specific size or shape, you may have to wait a week. I pride myself on my punctuality and organisational abilities, so I will make sure I have everything I need to fix your piano as soon as I possibly can.

Sticky fingers on the piano

Pianos are often irresistible to children – as are chocolates and sweets. It’s lovely that they’re interested in music but you don’t want their sticky fingers on your piano keys! If you do find that the piano keys are sticky, they can be cleaned by the piano tuner on my next visit to your Sheffield home. I use a keybrite solution sold by my loyal piano tuning suppliers, but if you endeavour to clean them yourself, use a warm damp cloth followed by a dry cloth and make sure you keep the dirt from getting down the sides of the keys. For any other questions, call the Sheffield piano tuner.

Piano of the week: the Knight K10


If you’re a piano buyer who is feeling patriotic, you might want to look at this piano made by the sadly-defunct British manufacturer, Knight (1936 – 2003) one of the finest companies to ever grace Her Majesty’s shores. Likewise, if you’re not so fussy about where your piano was made, but would like a great-sounding piano that fits in your new house or flat, this measures in at 112 cm in height, 140 cm in length and 56 cm in depth and matches bigger high end pianos in tone – so depending on your budget, it would be a much better choice than the run-of-the-mill console or spinet piano if you’re pushed for space.

One of the things that impresses me the most about this piano is the bass tone. It’s easily as powerful as the Yamaha U1 which is 9 cm taller – this is thanks in part to the bass strings on the K10 being overstrung at a greater angle than is typically found on a 112 cm piano, making them much cleaner and more resonant. Speaking as a piano tuner, I’ve found that the overtones are more consistent and you don’t get the weird harmonics that are found on smaller bass strings (which is a relief). The middle and treble are similarly mellow in tone, though can be made brighter with a little voicing work by the piano tuner if you so wish. Those who complain that Yamaha and Kawai pianos are too sharp/bright would do well to look at the K10 and other Knight pianos if they want something warmer and more mellow sounding.

Over the course my piano tuning career I’ve never seen a Knight piano that didn’t leave a positive impression on me, and I’ve tuned many of them in my travels in Sheffield and beyond. The soundboard, frame and action are all made of top quality parts which allow them to last a lot longer than the average upright so they typically need very little in the way of maintenance. This also makes them very resistant to changes in humidity and in being moved, giving you a greater bang for your buck as far as paying for piano tuning goes.

Here’s a nice sticker that I often see on Knight pianos (and other pianos built in the UK):

Where to buy them? Alan King’s Piano and Violin shop on London Road in Sheffield would be the best place to try first, as he has always been a fan of Knight pianos and I still see some in stock from time to time. Another place to try is the piano centre on Chapel Lane, Rotherham – a shop I’ve only been to once but are known to have a wide-selection of different brands in stock. A favourite piano shop of mine is the Piano Man in Leeds, but I haven’t seen this particular piano in there – although the pianos they do sell are all of a consistently high calibre.

As always, if you’re unsure of the piano your buying and would like me to come and inspect it, I charge a £20 call out fee to inspect and evaluate a piano in Sheffield, and £25 if it’s outside Sheffield. Outside of my daily work as a piano tuner I also have experience in piano repairs, restoration and selling, which can be helpful to you as a buyer if you’re unsure of a piano’s condition. Never be afraid to ask for help!

Working hours during the Christmas Holiday

For customers in Sheffield and nearby areas I have a few hours left at the following times this week:

  • Wednesday 20th December @ 7 PM
  • Thursday 21st December @ 2 PM
  • Thursday 21st December @ 4 PM
  • Friday 22nd December @ 12 PM
  • Friday 22nd December @ 2 PM

For Scarborough and Whitby customers only have a few remaining slots left this week, but will be working in the area the whole week prior to New Year’s Eve (then I’m back in Sheffield for piano tuning work on the 1st of January). The following two times are available for Scarborough and Whitby customers this weekend:

  • Saturday 23rd December @ 1 PM
  • Saturday 23rd December @ 3 PM

For later bookings feel free to ask me via phone or email.

Halloween Availability [31-10-17]

For piano tuning and maintenance this week, I still have the following times available for bookings:

  • Wednesday 1st November @ 2 PM
  • Wednesday 1st November @ 7 PM
  • Wednesday 1st November @ 9 PM
  • Thursday 2nd November @ 12 PM
  • Thursday 2nd November @ 2 PM
  • Friday 3rd November @ 9 AM
  • Friday 3rd November @ 11 AM
  • Saturday 4th November @ 2 PM
  • Sunday 5th November @ 2 PM
  • Sunday 5th November @ 4 PM

Later dates are also available by arrangement.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Availability [16-10-17]

I still have some availability left this week for last minute bookings:

  • Tuesday 17th October @ 2 PM
  • Tuesday 17th October @ 5 PM
  • Tuesday 17th October @ 7 PM
  • Thursday 19th October @ 5 PM
  • Friday 20th October @ 10 AM
  • Friday 20th October @ 12 PM
  • Friday 20th October @ 2 PM
  • Saturday 21st October @ 12 PM
  • Sunday 22nd October @ 12 PM
  • Sunday 22nd October @ 2 PM

Later dates are also available by arrangement.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Upcoming Availability [24-07-17]

For anyone in urgent need of a piano tuner, I still have a lot of availability left this week:

  • Tuesday 25th July @ 12 PM
  • Tuesday 25th July @ 6 PM
  • Tuesday 25th July @ 8 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 10 AM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 12 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 2 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 8 PM
  • Thursday 27th July @ 3 PM
  • Thursday 27th July @ 6  PM
  • Thursday 27th July @ 8 PM
  • Friday 28th July @ 12 PM
  • Friday 28th July @ 2 PM
  • Friday 28th July @ 4 PM


If you live in Derbyshire, I have two piano tuning jobs booked on Thursday (one at 10 AM in Worksop and one at 12 PM in Dronfield) so any time after 2 PM would work perfectly on that day.

For Whitby, Scarborough and Robin Hood’s Bay customers I will next be in your area on Saturday the 5th of August for a weekend of piano tuning across the East Coast.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield