Monthly Archives: November 2016

Weekly Update 26-11-16

It has been two weeks since I last updated this blog. The reason I have taken so long is that I have been trying to upload some pictures I took of my trip to Scarborough on the first week of November so I could make this website a bit more interesting visually. By and large it was a successful trip; I spent the whole day on Saturday tuning pianos for my some of my customers in Whitby, Scarborough and Ravenscar. I even checked with a few of the local hotels to see if they required a piano tuner, but none of them had any pianos sadly. After a hard day’s work I drove back to Robin Hood’s Bay to enjoy a quite night in with relatives.

I have had a more few interesting experiences as a piano tuner over the last few weeks. A few more high profile jobs in the Sheffield, tuning pianos at the Cruicible Theatre, The Lyceum and a local recording studio in Sheffield city centre. Piano tuning jobs such as these can be good learning experiences as they force a piano tuner to work against the clock while still maintaining the highest possible standards in regards to the tuning. An important skill that every piano tuning must possess is the ability to work with speed without it effecting the quality of the tuning.

I had a few more trips to Rotherham, Chesterfield and Doncaster with the sole aim of promoting myself and expanding my customer base in those regions. I often get called out to Rotherham but rarely have piano tuning work in Doncaster or Chesterfield for some reason (perhaps there are more piano tuners in those towns). From past experience, I’ve found advertising in places such as news agents and music venues tends to spread the word just as well as online promotion, so I don’t mind spending the extra money if it helps potential customers discover this website.

I’m still taking bookings for the next weeks (and later) so feel free to get in touch even if you want a last minute booking (chances are I’ll be able to fit you in). When I have found a way to upload photos onto this website I will take more pictures and will hopefully have more to add to this website!

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Weekly Update 3/11/16

More and more piano tuning inquiries are coming in this month. I wonder if it’s the approaching Christmas season making people want to play their pianos. If you’d like your piano to be in great shape before your relatives come over for Christmas, now would be a an excellent time to book me in for a tuning!

As a guitar player I’ve been playing lots of gigs recently. After a week of travelling to parts of Sheffield I’d never seen before for various piano tuning jobs, I had an outdoor gig at the Leggers Inn, Dewsbury. I’m used to travelling to gigs in Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster (or working there as a piano tuner), but this is the first time I’d been as far as Dewsbury and I enjoyed the experience. It’s a lot easier to tune six strings on a the guitar than it is to tune 230 strings on a piano! Unfortunately, since becoming a piano tuner my sense of pitch makes playing a slightly out of tune guitar incredibly annoying, so I often find myself tuning the guitar during songs (during the bits where the guitar is silent). My guitar didn’t like the cold weather and kept going out of tune mid song.

This Saturday I’m travelling to Robin Hood’s Bay so I can tune for some of my customers in the Scarborough/Whitby area. If you live in Scarborough, Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, Ravenscar, Burniston, or any of the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m usually in the Scarborough/Whitby area once a month at the moment.

Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield