Monthly Archives: April 2018

New Stock

I’ve just received a parcel from supplier (company selling only to the piano tuner), my third order of 2018. My aim is to have everything I need for 99% of piano repair jobs, so that I can perform every maintenance task on the first visit. I have received:

  • Every size of key bushing felt with a set of bushing wedges.
  • Every size of centre pin for centre pin replacement (a common problem in old pianos).
  • 10 different rolls of piano wire (different gauges).
  • Pin Block for tightening loose tuning pins.
  • 3 Different types of fast-drying glue.
  • A damper spoon regulator which allows me to regulate the dampers without taking the action out.
  • Protek CLP for lubricating any sluggish piano parts.
  • A set of jack springs.
  • A set of damper felts for both upright and grand pianos.

My hourly rate for repair jobs (for piano tuning the standard rate still applies) is £20 per hour plus the price of any parts that have been replaced. If you’re booking a piano tuning or piano repair job, please let me know on the phone before and I’ll make sure I have what I need with me in the car and give you an idea of how long it will take. Whatever the problem is, I’ll have seen it before!

Richard, Piano tuner Sheffield.