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Something that may be of interest to my Scarborough piano tuning customers

Here’s a quick update for my customers in the Scarborough region, or anyone looking for a new Scarborough piano tuner. I will be in your area much more frequently tuning and servicing pianos in people’s homes, churches and other venues. I might even enjoy a quick walk on the beach if I get a lunch break.

The ghastly nature of the pandemic drastically limited my work and my willingness to travel last year. Things are almost back to normal, albeit with careful health and safety procedures in place (regular hand washing and social distancing, and I will also wear a mask on request).

Many residents of Scarborough and Whitby are looking for a piano tuner who is young and highly motivated and willing to go that extra mile. That’s me (except for the young part). I’m always happy to tune ANY piano and value all my customers equally. All done at a reasonable cost.

I greatly look forward to seeing my piano tuning business bounce back to how it was at its zenith (2018 – early 2020).

Brief window of opportunity for North Yorkshire Customers

I’ve only been making very sporadic trips to Scarborough since March, due to a sudden drop in demand. If you are in Scarborough or a nearby area there’s a brief window of opportunity to have your piano tuned next week. I have an available slot left for 2 PM. If you’re interested, please contact me to book:



Thanks for reading and stay safe.

-Richard Lidster, Sheffield Piano Tuner.

How is the Sheffield piano tuner dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic?

Many people are asking how the Sheffield piano tuner is coping with the pandemic and what his available hours are for piano tuning.

Business hours are back to how they were during the lockdown, but he is taking more precautions to avoid catching the virus and potentially spreading it to others (being particularly mindful of the elderly occupants at his  Sheffield residence). Here are a few steps he is undertaking to ensure everyone stays safe:

  1. Before the piano tuning , he will politely ask the customer to clean the keys (rub in vertical motions to prevent dirt getting down the sides) with an antibacterial wipe.
  2. He will take care to maintain social distancing during every visit.
  3. Bookings are arranged geographically, so that one day will be for Sheffield piano tuning, one for Leeds, one for Hull, etc (piano tuning in 2020 requires wide travel)
  4. For customers who are particularly anxious, masks are kept in the car to be worn on request.

These steps will be rigorously followed for the foreseeable future. He is very appreciative of anyone who books a piano tuning during this difficult and uncertain time. If anything changes this website and blog will be updated immediately.

Upcoming Availability [24-07-17]

For anyone in urgent need of a piano tuner, I still have a lot of availability left this week:

  • Tuesday 25th July @ 12 PM
  • Tuesday 25th July @ 6 PM
  • Tuesday 25th July @ 8 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 10 AM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 12 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 2 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday 26th July @ 8 PM
  • Thursday 27th July @ 3 PM
  • Thursday 27th July @ 6  PM
  • Thursday 27th July @ 8 PM
  • Friday 28th July @ 12 PM
  • Friday 28th July @ 2 PM
  • Friday 28th July @ 4 PM


If you live in Derbyshire, I have two piano tuning jobs booked on Thursday (one at 10 AM in Worksop and one at 12 PM in Dronfield) so any time after 2 PM would work perfectly on that day.

For Whitby, Scarborough and Robin Hood’s Bay customers I will next be in your area on Saturday the 5th of August for a weekend of piano tuning across the East Coast.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield

Piano Tuning In Sheffield and Scarborough this week

For anyone in South Yorkshire or Derbyshire in need of a piano tuner this week I am available at the following times:

  • Monday 15th of May @ 6 PM
  • Monday 15th of May @ 8 PM
  • Tuesday 16th of May @ 12 PM
  • Tuesday 16th of May @ 5 PM
  • Tuesday 16th of May @ 7 PM
  • Wednesday 17th of May @ 10 AM
  • Wednesday 17th of May @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday 17th of May @ 7 PM
  • Thursday 18th of May @ 7 PM
  • Friday 19th of May @ 10 AM

For customers in North Yorkshire, East Riding or Teesside, I will be in Whitby and Scarborough tuning pianos this weekend and have a few times still available in my diary to fill up:

  • Friday 19th of May @ 8 PM
  • Saturday 20th of May @ 10 AM
  • Saturday 20th of May @ 2 PM

Later dates are available on request.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Piano Tuning Bookings This Week [Sheffield & Scarborough]

For my available times for piano tuning bookings, see the bullet point lists below. The first one is for South Yorkshire customers and the second for piano tuning in North Yorkshire (as far south as Bridlington) and Teesside (as far north as Middlesborough). I update this blog with my weekly availability every Monday and later dates are always available on request!

For customers in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire (Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Chesterfield, etc), I am free at the following times:

  • Monday the 1st of May @ 6 PM
  • Monday the 1st of May @ 8 PM
  • Tuesday the 2nd @ 10 AM
  • Tuesday the 2nd @ 5 PM
  • Tuesday the 2nd @ 7 PM
  • Wednesday the 3rd @ 10 AM
  • Wednesday the 3rd @ 12 PM
  • Wednesday the 3rd @ 2 PM
  • Wednesday the 3rd @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday the 3rd @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday the 3rd @ 8 PM
  • Thursday the 4th @ 10 AM
  • Thursday the 4th @ 12 PM
  • Thursday the 4th @ 7 PM

For North Yorkshire & Teesside Customers (Whitby, Scarborough, Ravenscar, Guisborough, Pickering, Bridlington, Brotton, Ruswick Bay, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Staithes, Redcar, Thornaby, Stokesly, Middlesbrough, etc) I am available at the following times this week:

  • Friday the 5th of May @ 7 PM
  • Saturday the 6th @ 1 PM
  • Saturday the 6th @ 4 PM
  • Saturday the 6th @ 7 PM
  • Sunday the 7th @ 10 AM
  • Sunday the 7th @ 2 PM
  • Sunday the 7th @ 4 PM
  • Sunday the 7th @ 6 PM
  • Sunday the 7th @ 8 PM

Availability this week [24-04-17]

Lots of availabile times for bookings this week. If you are in need of a piano tuner I can fit you in at the following times:

  • Tuesday 25th of April @ 2 PM
  • Tuesday 25th @ 4 PM
  • Tuesday 25th @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday 26th @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday 26th @ 8 PM
  • Thursday 27th @ 10 AM
  • Thursday 27th @ 12 PM
  • Thursday 27th @ 2 PM
  • Thursday 27th @ 6 PM
  • Thursday 27th @ 8 PM
  • Friday 28th @ 10 AM
  • Friday 28th @ 12 PM
  • Friday 28th @ 2 PM
  • Friday 28th @ 4 PM

For piano tuning customers in the Whitby & Scarborough region (including all of North Yorkshire and Teesside), I am next available in your area at the following times:

  • Saturday May 6th @ 2 PM
  • Saturday May 6th @ 4 PM
  • Saturday May 6th @ 6 PM
  • Saturday May 6th @ 8 PM
  • Sunday May 7th @ 10 AM
  • Sunday May 7th @ 12 PM
  • Sunday May 7th @ 2 PM
  • Sunday May 7th @ 4 PM

Later dates available by arrangement.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Availability This Week (27-03-17)

I still have plenty of available slots in my diary for piano tuning & repair jobs later this week. I can’t manage any bookings tomorrow (Tuesday the 28th) as I’m spending the whole day tuning a selection of pianos at a secondary school in Totley, Sheffield. However, I’m still looking for new (or old) customers for later in the week, and have the following times free:

  • Wednesday the 29th @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday the 29 @ 6 PM
  • Thursday the 30th @ 2 PM
  • Thursday the 30th @ 4 PM
  • Thursday the 30th @ 6 PM
  • Friday the 31st @ 10 AM
  • Friday the 31st @ 12 PM
  • Friday the 31st @ 2 PM
  • Saturday the 1st of April @ 2 PM
  • Sunday the 2nd of April @ 12 PM
  • Sunday the 2nd of April @ 4 PM

If anyone in North Yorkshire (especially Whitby, Scarborough and nearby areas) or Teesside is reading this wondering when I’ll next be tuning pianos in your area, I will be making two mid-week visits on the 4th of April and the 11th of April respectively, for piano tuning and repair work. If you contact me via phone (0754 266 7040) or by email ( I will be happy to book you in at a time best suited to you.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.


Availability over the next week

For those in need of a piano tuner I still have the following times available over the next week:

  • Sunday 19th of March @ 4 PM
  • Monday 20th @ 12 PM
  • Tuesday 21st @ 2 PM
  • Tuesday 21st @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday 22nd @ 10 AM
  • Wednesday 22nd @ 12 PM
  • Wednesday 22nd @ 2 PM
  • Wednesday 22nd @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday 22nd @ 6 PM
  • Thursday 23rd @ 10 AM
  • Thursday 23rd @ 4 PM
  • Thursday 23rd @ 6 PM
  • Friday 24th @ 10 AM
  • Friday 24th @ 12 PM

These are times are for piano tuning in Sheffield and places within a 40 mile radius of Sheffield. For Whitby, Scarborough, North Yorkshire and Teesside bookings, I will next be in your area tuning pianos at the following times:

  • Saturday 25th of March @ 2 PM
  • Saturday 25th @ 4 PM
  • Saturday 25th @ 6 PM
  • Sunday 26th @ 10 AM
  • Sunday 26th @ 12 PM
  • Sunday 26th @ 2 PM
  • Sunday 26th @ 4 PM
  • Sunday 26th @ 6 PM
  • Monday 27th @ 10 AM
  • Monday 27th @ 12 PM

Availability this week (13-03-17)

I have just arrived back at my home in Sheffield after a weekend trip tuning pianos in Whitby and Scarborough. I offer my apologies to anyone who had to wait for a reply to email enquires, unfortunately I do not have internet access while I’m in the area.

All in all it was a very eventful weekend, and while I didn’t get as many piano tuning bookings as I’d hoped, this did allow me to use the time going on long hikes on the cliff path between Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby and back again, getting some much needed exercise and enjoying the first bit of sunny weather in 2017. I found Whitby to be busier than expected, with lots of charity fundraising and people dressed in costumes. I had intended to do some more promotional work while in the area but ran out of cards a few days before setting off (I am still in the slow process of building up a customer base in the region).

Now that I’m back in Sheffield my main focus is on filling up the gaps in diary with new piano tuning jobs. If you are looking for a piano tuner this week, and you are in Sheffield or within a 40 mile radius, I have the follow times left in my diary:

  • Tuesday @ 4 PM
  • Tuesday @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday @ 10 AM
  • Wednesday @ 2 PM
  • Wednesday @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday @ 6 PM
  • Thursday @ 10 AM
  • Thursday @ 12 PM
  • Friday @ 10 AM
  • Sunday @ 4 PM

Later dates are available on request.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.