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People in Sheffield with second hand pianos

If anyone in Sheffield or elsewhere in South Yorkshire is thinking of upgrading to a better piano and has an old one they are trying to get rid of, please let me know. If you live close to me in Sheffield then I could inspect it for you and see if it is worth restoring. I’ve already met piano tuning customers in Sheffield who are in this situation so I know you are out there!

– Richard, piano tuner sheffield

Piano tuning in Sheffield

Most of my piano tuning jobs have been on one side of Sheffield, the west side around S10 and S11 areas, and quite a few around Woodseats and Gleadless. If you live in on the east side of Sheffield in or nearby Attercliffe or Woodhouse or know anyone who owns a piano and lives in that side of Sheffield (and who needs to hire a piano tuner) please ask them if they would call me next time they need their piano tuning. I’ve only started promoting myself on that side so I have no idea how many people have pianos laying untuned…


I take my driving test next month, so hopefully I will be able to drive to that side of Sheffield and promote my piano tuning once I’ve passed…


– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield

Videos of me playing guitar

Along side piano tuning I’ve been keeping very busy with other musical endeavours as of late. I’m in two bands, have a solo project making electronic music on my PC at home and have also begun uploading videos of me playing guitar covers on youtube. People assume I play piano as I’m as a piano tuner, but I’m really not very good on the piano unfortunately. Luckily you don’t need to play the piano to be a piano tuner, you just need a musical ear and the willingness to put 3 years of effort into learning the skills behind it…


If you’re on soundcloud, add me on there and I’ll follow you:


A message to my piano tuning customers in Whitby/Scarborough area

Sheffield piano tuning customers can ignore this.

I used to leave Sheffield on a monthly visit to family in Robin Hood’s Bay. This would allow me to get a few piano tuning jobs in the north yorkshire area in between chatting with the family and enjoying the seaside. Since the weather has been so rubbish I’ve chosen to stay in Sheffield for the last few months in the hope that when I finally do get to go Robin Hood’s Bay I’ll appreciate it more. If you live in that area and require your piano tuned then I apologise for not being able to get there, but now that the weather is improving I will leave Sheffield and go there in the next week or two and tune your piano.

You can always send me an email or text me if you are in need and I can make a journey especially for one piano tuning, I need an excuse to leave Sheffield and tune pianos in other places.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Piano tuning update

I’ve finally updated this website, but it’s still a work in progress. When I leave Sheffield and visit my uncle in North Yorkshire he will sometimes help me modify  this site and add things to it. There are still a few things I need to change but all the basic information is there and if there are any piano tuning customers who want to ask me something there is always my email I will try to update this piano tuning blog as often as I can so that customers and people seeking a piano tuner can see what I’m up to. Aside from my life as piano tuner in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, I will include any important updates and relevant information.


– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Piano tuning in Rotherham this morning/new piano tuning lever

I was on my way to a piano tuning job in Rotherham this morning and passed the Wentworth House. I wondered how great it would be have been to have tuned pianos there in its day, how a piano tuner would’ve had to walk there without the chance of getting a bus or car. Now I’m back in my native Sheffield where there is always plenty of jobs a piano tuner can walk to.

piano tuning lever

Back in Sheffield, I received a new piano tuning lever (a Konig & Meyer 16700-000), in the post that allows me to tune smaller pins with more control. I only had 2 sized piano tuning levers before which made tuning smaller pins on the piano more difficult yet not impossibe, but I can now tune 5.8 mm pins more easily! Every piano tuner needs a good set of piano tuning levers and I can now say I’m now fully equipped for the job. If your piano has 5.8 mm sized pins (I don’t expect you to know that), then expect a good 20 minutes cut off your next piano tuning.

– Richard, piano tuner Sheffield