Monthly Archives: December 2020

Christmas Piano Tuning Availability

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve all had a pleasant Christmas. I spent the day eating sweets, playing the piano and watching films.

Now that Father Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to resume focus on my piano tuning work. The momentum will start to build up again. A big goal of mine is to find more piano tuning customers closer to home in Sheffield. In the pre-Coronavirus world I managed to earn a reasonable living as a piano tuner, but only a fraction of my work was in Sheffield – I had to travel to other areas on a daily basis. I’m much more appreciative of work in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area, it’s also a lot safer not to be travelling as much. I’ll spending more time on this website and put more work into advertising.

December arrives

In the distance past, December was a good month for piano tuners. Schools, concert halls and households across Sheffield and South Yorkshire rushed to get the piano tuner booked in before Christmas.  I’ll be extremely disheartened if I miss this sudden rise in demand! 2020 has been very slow year, let’s all book our piano tuner and spread the joy.

Don’t be nervous! A lot of people are nervous at the moment. The piano tuner can accommodate any concerns you may have.