Monthly Archives: June 2021

Something that may be of interest to my Scarborough piano tuning customers

Here’s a quick update for my customers in the Scarborough region, or anyone looking for a new Scarborough piano tuner. I will be in your area much more frequently tuning and servicing pianos in people’s homes, churches and other venues. I might even enjoy a quick walk on the beach if I get a lunch break.

The ghastly nature of the pandemic drastically limited my work and my willingness to travel last year. Things are almost back to normal, albeit with careful health and safety procedures in place (regular hand washing and social distancing, and I will also wear a mask on request).

Many residents of Scarborough and Whitby are looking for a piano tuner who is young and highly motivated and willing to go that extra mile. That’s me (except for the young part). I’m always happy to tune ANY piano and value all my customers equally. All done at a reasonable cost.

I greatly look forward to seeing my piano tuning business bounce back to how it was at its zenith (2018 – early 2020).

The big re-opening

Now that we’re all looking forward to the big re-opening, I hope that many of my old customers are looking forward to getting their pianos re-tuned. Be assured I take extreme care when visiting your homes and I’m vaccinated and covid-compliant. Looking forward to hearing from customers old and new.

The Long and Winding Road

First off, let me say that I’m still open for business and taking on new clients if you need me. BUT, with that said:

I’m very sad to say that currently winding down my career as a Sheffield piano tuner with a view to starting a second job. Amongst other reasons, the financial strain caused by the coronavirus has been such a severe set back that it’s no longer tenable to continue the low profit and high investments (weekly order of action parts, hardware, tools, high fuel costs) involved in this job. As much as I’ve enjoyed tuning pianos and particularly giving people a great deal, when factoring in my expenses and time working/travelling, a minimum wage 9 to 5 (or part time) job would giving me a greater income and involve less time spent on the roads. While the coronavirus is one of the larger factors in my decision, the previous six years were still a massive disappointment in terms of what I thought I’d get of it as a career.

I will happily take on new clients for anyone looking for a good piano tuning at a good price. Once I obtain another job (be in part time or full time) I’ll continue to tune pianos for a reasonable price out of office hours. I have worked painstakingly to develop this skill and to build up a clientele over the last seven years and I would never abandon it completely.

What I will no long offer is full action overhauls. This is the most costly, time consuming and non-profitable part of the job and it is no long worth it for me in this climate. There are many other Sheffield piano tuners who can offer that for anyone who desires more extensive work. By and large the types of people who would be willing to spend money on a full overhaul are the sorts who’ve already invested in a more robust piano that needs little in the way of maintenance.

Otherwise, the service I offer and the price remains the same. For £50 you will get a highly accurate piano tuning, plus minor repairs and regulation that will get your piano to a vefry respectable playing standard. Generally I will spend an hour to two hours giving your piano the excellent service it deserves.