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Robert Jenrick confirms booking a piano tuner is allowed under new lockdown rukes

Concerned about the legality of booking a piano tuner or other tradesperson while you have a little bit of time off? You shouldn’t be. Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State For Housing, Communities and Local Government has confirmed that booking tradespeople (plumbers, electricians and… yes, Sheffield piano tuners) is allowed under the new lockdown rules. What a relief.

I’m operating under regular hours in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire region. The only port of call I won’t be able to manage on my various journeys will be the Scarborough and North Yorkshire piano tuning base I have developed since 2015… at least for another two weeks. It’s more ethically agreeable to wait until I have a larger number of enquires from that region to reduce the number of visitations in the current climate.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Piano Tuner Sheffield is still open during lockdown

Lest anyone be confused, I am continuing my work after Thursday as normal in spite of the stricter measures.

During these difficult times, it’s preferable to receive piano tuning requests in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire regions. For one, it greatly reduces fuel costs. Before March I loved enquiries from piano tuning customers in Leeds, Manchester, York, Hull, etc. Getting jobs closer to home and building my reputation as a Sheffield piano tuner is most important to me now, although I still travel widely.

I’m working in the north Yorkshire region for one day on Friday the 6th of November. If you’re looking for a Whitby or Scarborough piano tuner, I’m your man.


Outside of life as a Sheffield piano tuner, I make music constantly and I’m obsessed with music production. One good thing about the pandemic is it’s kept me inside more to play keyboards and guitar and write/record my own material, something that is valuable to me. Even though my guitar playing here is a bit rough around the edges (and slightly out of tune, alas), I’m pleased with how it’s shaping up: