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New Youtube Video: Apostles of Chaos – What’s Inside


Finally after 6 weeks in the studio we’ve recorded our first single, now released on Progressive Gears records with an accompanying video. I’m the guitarist in this video (not the keyboard player) although I will be playing keyboards on one of the songs on the upcoming album, scheduled for October release. If you like what you hear, please log in to youtube and give us a like (this will help us get more gigs!) and follow us on your favourite social media platform.

We recorded both the song and video at Academy studio in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Rhythm guitars were done in one take and the solo is the best of two takes (deliberately recorded quickly to make it sound more human). Dan Mullins from My Dying Bride handled the recording, while Keith Appleton both mixed and mastered it at the Academy Studio control room one weekend when I was away piano tuning.

The band name is a slight misnomer as most of our songs are either hard rock or melodic prog rock, but we will be releasing some heavier songs in future.

You can also buy the single on amazon.

And no, it isn’t pitch perfect! 😉

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.