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Hammer regulating: repinning hammer flanges

A common restoration job for piano tuners and technicians is replacing the centre pins on the hammer flange. Over time, humidity can cause the flange bushings to swell and cause the hammer to be sluggish. I have a centre pin tool that compresses the bushings and loosens up the hole in the flange allowing it move more freely, which works some of the time. If this doesn’t work the centre pins may have to be replaced with pins of a slightly smaller size.

If, after a piano tuning, I need a temporary solution to the problem, often I will lubricate the moving parts with oil to see if that helps, although that will only work in the short term. Another temporary solution is to move action parts down from the top treble to the middle, which allows the piano to be played until the piano tuner purchases the required parts. There is no where I know of that sells them in Sheffield (or even Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, etc), so I order them online and wait a few days for them to arrive by post.

For this job there may be a small charge of £10. I will often have to order new centre pins as they come in about 20 different sizes (at least).

I have 3 piano tuning jobs this week which require centre pin replacement. One is a piano tuning in a school near Woodseats in Sheffield, one is after a piano tuning (pitch raise) in Chesterfield, and one is for an old victorian piano in Rotherham. I will take some pictures and possibly a video of this job to post on this website, so that it is more clear what the job entails, because it is such a common one that piano tuners need to carry out.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield