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Website Updates: January 2016

I’ve just been reading the home page and About Me section on this website, and I realised haven’t changed this website since I begun piano tuning professionally in the summer of 2014. The embarrassing picture of me piano tuning in my Sheffield home will need to be changed – even though I was pretend tuning at home in Sheffield, I forgot to take the celeste rail out. Most people won’t notice, but other piano tuners won’t be too impressed! There’s nothing wrong with leaving the celeste rail in, but it makes it harder to tune the piano. I have also realised the wording on some of the explainations aren’t quite clear enough, although the information itself is accurate. I’ve started making tweaks, but I can’t make too many changes or else this piano tuning website will stop appearing in search engines, which is one of the main ways potential customers in search of a piano tuner find me, especially those from Sheffield.
A lot of work needs to be done on the F.A.Q. section as well, I can’t think of a lot of questions I’m regularly asked about piano tuning and repairs, but forgot to add. If you think this site is lacking in information, then don’t worry, it is in the process of being updated!


– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.