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Why are your rates so low for piano tuning?

I’m occasionally asked – politely – why my rates are so cheap for Sheffield piano tuning. I’m always torn between my entrepreneurial spirit and my desire to give each customer an excellent deal. I work on my piano tuning & repair business every day to make sure its profitable and I sleep easy at night knowing my customers have been given a bargain. For first time piano tuning clients who are unsure about the quality of their piano or its tuning stability, it’s nice to know they can get a professional and accurate piano tuning which will then allow them to judge whether they want to continue with what they have or to upgrade to a higher quality instrument – and if they hire my services they can experience this without breaking the bank. I think the current prices reflect this, being a balance between allowing me to earn a comfortable living as a Sheffield piano tuner and remaining a competitive business enterprise.

Building back better

I do love a political slogan. When they pertain to piano tuning they’re particularly useful.

It’s been a tough 16 months for everyone, but I’ve seen my workflow greatly reduced. Partly due to the scary Covid-19 restrictions and partly due to other circumstances. To fight back against the tide I’m lowering my prices marginally for both Sheffield and non-Sheffield piano tuning enquirers. My prices page is now up-to-date. It’s now £5 cheaper than it was before – a remarkable deal. Considering the nationwide going rate is between £60 and £90, you’re looking at an absolute bargain. Great for the customer of course, unfortunately it involves me putting in more hours, but luckily I enjoy my work. I hope this encourages you to book my services.

– Richard, the Sheffield piano tuner.