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How is the Sheffield piano tuner dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic?

Many people are asking how the Sheffield piano tuner is coping with the pandemic and what his available hours are for piano tuning.

Business hours are back to how they were during the lockdown, but he is taking more precautions to avoid catching the virus and potentially spreading it to others (being particularly mindful of the elderly occupants at his  Sheffield residence). Here are a few steps he is undertaking to ensure everyone stays safe:

  1. Before the piano tuning , he will politely ask the customer to clean the keys (rub in vertical motions to prevent dirt getting down the sides) with an antibacterial wipe.
  2. He will take care to maintain social distancing during every visit.
  3. Bookings are arranged geographically, so that one day will be for Sheffield piano tuning, one for Leeds, one for Hull, etc (piano tuning in 2020 requires wide travel)
  4. For customers who are particularly anxious, masks are kept in the car to be worn on request.

These steps will be rigorously followed for the foreseeable future. He is very appreciative of anyone who books a piano tuning during this difficult and uncertain time. If anything changes this website and blog will be updated immediately.

Weekly Update 12-12-16

My apologies to anyone who tried to contact me via email this weekend. Unfortunately on Friday night my modem unexpectedly stopped working, so I have been without internet access since then. It is unlikely that the problem will be fixed by the end of the week, so if anyone needs to contact me about a piano tuning, ringing or texting my mobile is the best bet. I will try to check my emails every day either at one of my local Cafes, but my laptop can be temperamental with wifi connections it isn’t used to, so if you have to wait a day or two for a reply to an email, then my apologies.

I try to update this blog once a week, but forgot to update it last week. I had lots of piano tuning work in Sheffield, a few in Rotherham and one in Doncaster (where a customer kindly offered to put some cards up in local shops to promote in the area), but nothing I haven’t already written about in detail on this site. October and November tend to be busy months for a piano tuner, but things die down during Christmas and new year. If anyone needs to piano tuner this week or next week, feel free to get in touch and the chances are I’ll be able to fit you in sooner rather than later. My working hours remain the same throughout the Christmas season, with the exception of New Years Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day which I will be spending with family in Robin Hood’s Bay (a small historical village between Whitby and Scarborough).


– Richard, piano tuner Sheffield.

Phone lost

Sorry to anyone who hasn’t been able to contact me over the last couple of days, I’ve lost my mobile phone. I had a good look for it yesterday afternoon but couldn’t find it in the house; I’ll have another good look today. In the meantime, if you would like to contact me, please do so by email ( or by calling my house phone at 0114 2304100.


– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.