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Piano Tuner Scarborough?

I will resume my visits to the North Yorkshire region after the 12th of April. Not only would it have been unsafe to travel there at the height of the pandemic, but the demand for piano tuning in Scarborough just wasn’t there. I’m starting to receive calls and will be happy to resume piano tuning in Scarborough as soon as possible. I started as a Sheffield piano tuner and still live in that city, but earning a living at this trade requires extensive travelling so please don’t think making a journey to your area is a hassle – it’s all part of the job.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield

A slight change of schedule for the Sheffield piano tuner

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the lockdown will be lifted in April. There will be a slight change of schedule for my piano tuning in Sheffield over the coming weeks. I plan to start work later and end later in the evening, my first job being at 2 PM and the last 7:30 PM. I’ll still offer at least one morning booking per work however.

I want to use my mornings to try and regain the high level of physical fitness I attained before the lockdown ruined things. This helps me to get a good nights sleep, go for a run and then spend an hour in the gym which was a regular part of my day before Covid-19. This might seem irrelevant to my piano tuning work, but it helps a lot with focus and motivation, particularly if my daily exercise takes place first thing in the morning rather than in the evening. The lockdown has led to me feeling quite lethargic recently, I’m sure we’ll all feel relieved when we can resume normal life.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

A quick note on my upcoming schedule

As noted before, I’m still piano tuning in Sheffield and the surrounding areas during the lockdown. I’m surprisingly busy at the moment, so if anyone needs a last minute booking I may be willing to work a weekend if none of my hours suit you. I don’t usually even like to think about piano tuning on weekends, but with the heavy workflow I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on a piano tuning. Particularly if they’re about to take a piano exam.



Piano Tuner Sheffield open for business during current lockdown

In short, you are legally allowed piano tuners and other tradespeople into your home during tier 4 and tier 5 lockdowns.

In terms of exposure to Covid-19, Piano tuning is a relatively low risk profession. What social interaction I have had since march has been at a safe distance. I have good common sense and have been washing my hands religiously (with alcohol-based sanitizer), both in the car and when I return to my Sheffield home. I will happily wear a face mask on request.

A few links to keep your mind at rest:


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Let’s support local piano tuners and tradespeople. But let’s do it while staying safe and obeying the lockdown rules.

Happy New Year! (and why I’ve been late with reminders recently)

A happy new year to you all! I’m not a fan of the icy Sheffield weather in January, but 2021 already looks a promising year for piano tuning! I’m excited about the list of goals I have set myself for what I want to achieve this year. Many of them are modest goals related to the organisation of my business, but with 2020 being such a slow and disappointing year for piano tuners I’m excited to turn over a new leaf. This will be the year I get it all together and my business will be run as smoothly as it was from 2017 to 2019 (the golden years).

I’ve seen some beautiful pianos being sold over eBay recently, so I hope that’s a sign that more people are paying attention to the piano (and more people need their piano tuning!). Sales of classical music are on the rise and I see many younger people turning to the timeless masterpieces rather than repetitive modern music. Maybe the slower pace of life has improved their taste? Who knows?

One of the most pressing goals I have is the need to revamp this website. It has the same layout it had in 2014 and looks horribly dated. More care and attention needs to be paid to it, but I’d like a talented web designer to give it an overhaul and that’ll be expensive. Once I have the funds, I assure you it will be done.

My final belated apology is to anyone who booked me in 2019 and had to wait a while for their yearly reminder. During lockdowns I was hesitant to contact anyone as there was a high chance they’d postpone the booking. After the present disorder and tumult, I will be more prompt and punctual in my reminders – most people need them or they forget. Six months is preferable, but at least once a year is the minimum required for most pianists.

Christmas Piano Tuning Availability

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve all had a pleasant Christmas. I spent the day eating sweets, playing the piano and watching films.

Now that Father Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to resume focus on my piano tuning work. The momentum will start to build up again. A big goal of mine is to find more piano tuning customers closer to home in Sheffield. In the pre-Coronavirus world I managed to earn a reasonable living as a piano tuner, but only a fraction of my work was in Sheffield – I had to travel to other areas on a daily basis. I’m much more appreciative of work in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area, it’s also a lot safer not to be travelling as much. I’ll spending more time on this website and put more work into advertising.

December arrives

In the distance past, December was a good month for piano tuners. Schools, concert halls and households across Sheffield and South Yorkshire rushed to get the piano tuner booked in before Christmas.  I’ll be extremely disheartened if I miss this sudden rise in demand! 2020 has been very slow year, let’s all book our piano tuner and spread the joy.

Don’t be nervous! A lot of people are nervous at the moment. The piano tuner can accommodate any concerns you may have.

Robert Jenrick confirms booking a piano tuner is allowed under new lockdown rukes

Concerned about the legality of booking a piano tuner or other tradesperson while you have a little bit of time off? You shouldn’t be. Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State For Housing, Communities and Local Government has confirmed that booking tradespeople (plumbers, electricians and… yes, Sheffield piano tuners) is allowed under the new lockdown rules. What a relief.

I’m operating under regular hours in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire region. The only port of call I won’t be able to manage on my various journeys will be the Scarborough and North Yorkshire piano tuning base I have developed since 2015… at least for another two weeks. It’s more ethically agreeable to wait until I have a larger number of enquires from that region to reduce the number of visitations in the current climate.

– Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.

Piano Tuner Sheffield is still open during lockdown

Lest anyone be confused, I am continuing my work after Thursday as normal in spite of the stricter measures.

During these difficult times, it’s preferable to receive piano tuning requests in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire regions. For one, it greatly reduces fuel costs. Before March I loved enquiries from piano tuning customers in Leeds, Manchester, York, Hull, etc. Getting jobs closer to home and building my reputation as a Sheffield piano tuner is most important to me now, although I still travel widely.

I’m working in the north Yorkshire region for one day on Friday the 6th of November. If you’re looking for a Whitby or Scarborough piano tuner, I’m your man.


Outside of life as a Sheffield piano tuner, I make music constantly and I’m obsessed with music production. One good thing about the pandemic is it’s kept me inside more to play keyboards and guitar and write/record my own material, something that is valuable to me. Even though my guitar playing here is a bit rough around the edges (and slightly out of tune, alas), I’m pleased with how it’s shaping up: