Apostles of Chaos – What’s Inside

A one-off post unrelated to piano tuning… My band Apostles of Chaos have a new single coming out later this week – we’ve uploaded a short, unmixed preview of it to facebook.

If you’re on there please give us a ‘like’ to show your support (this will help us acquire more gigs in future). The band is based in Dewsbury but we play gigs around Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Rotherham, sometimes as far as St Helens and Southampton, and things will get even busier towards the end of 2018. Although pianos and piano tuning are now my forte, I’ve gone back to my first love (the electric guitar) in this band. If you like progressive rock or 70s and 80s rock in the style of Boston, Kansas, Styx, Yes, Genesis, Marillion, etc then this may be your thing – more songs will be released over the next few months and a full length LP is scheduled for an October release. There aren’t many bands playing this style at the moment so hopefully we’re adding something slightly different to the Yorkshire music scene!

Richard, Piano Tuner Sheffield.