April Update

April has seen a steady increase in new piano tuning customers (mainly from Sheffield, but a few from Rotherham, Doncaster and Chesterfield and one from Hathersage which allowed me to have a nice day trip out there a few weeks ago). I’ve been piano tuning professionally for nearly two years now and I’m at the stage where I receive a new enquiry almost every day. Every now and then I will forget to keep take my mobile phone out with me (I’ve never been a phone person but I’m trying to be better) or I’ll leave it charging and in some instances I occasionally miss calls from potential customers. If this happens to you then I sincerely apologise; I will see the missed call status at some point during the day and will get back to you immediately. If you phone me and I’m out you could always try contacting me by email if you feel so inclined (I check my email inbox multiple times per day).

Aside from the piano tuning business, I had a trip to London last weekend for my Dad’s birthday. It was the first time I’d had a good trip away from Sheffield in a while, so I enjoyed the bustle of being in a different city. Lots of good food, visited some art galleries, walked through Camden market, and didn’t think about piano tuning for a change! I got back in Sheffield on Sunday night and prepared for band practice the next day, which was held in Barnsley.

– Richard, piano tuner Sheffield.